YouTube is coming to you, too!

A few days ago Ford Harding received a unique email from a professional, Ivan Hernandez.  It was unique and interesting because it was our firm’s first and unsolicited YouTube video referencing his book, Rainmaking: Attract New Clients No Matter What Your Field.  As I watched it for the first time I was so pleased for Ford that a virtual stranger would be so moved and inspired by the book’s teachings.  As I watched it the second time I chuckled at how this video, made much like those that I have of my kids at their birthday parties can capture my attention and entertain me in an odd way.  As I watched it the third, and so far, last time, I recalled the business trend moving towards video and YouTube mentioned in a recent AMCF social media workshop that I attended with the who’s who in consulting and led by gurus of McKinsey & Company and Bliss PR.  I guess the world is moving beyond email, in concert with LinkedIn, with Twitter and towards YouTube?  I needed more convincing, so I quickly searched the internet for data on YouTube to convince myself that YouTube has gone beyond being able to showcase music videos and personal teenage snip-its.  It has. 


I found a study by Burson-Marsteller that collected social media data from 100 of the largest Fortune 500 global companies.  Here are some of their statistics:  50% of the Fortune Global 100 use YouTube to reach their audience.  Of those, 68% posted 10 videos on YouTube in the past month.  69% of the Fortune Global 100 have YouTube Channels.  What amazed me was the statistics on the channels!  They tracked an average of 38,950 views per channel!  452 average subscribers per channel! And more than half of those with YouTube channels said they get comments from viewers! 


That’s inspired me to try an experiment and ask that anyone who is willing to step up to the plate as a YouTuber, share with us another point of view about the book or our Rainmaking programs please do so via a YouTube video and send it to me.  My request has two purposes, first, it will help me answer the question, “Will sharing these videos with you make a difference for us?”  We’ll track it with metrics and share the results with you.  Secondly I’m wading in to YouTube and would love to see a few more relevant ones before I do my own video clips in the market.  Stay tuned for more on YouTube!


For those of you that are curious, here is the YouTube video that Ivan sent to Ford:


By Mimi Spangler, Partner, Harding & Company  (



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One Response to “YouTube is coming to you, too!”

  1. Ivan Hernandez Says:

    Dear Mimi,
    First of all, I am very glad that my short video had some impact on your organization and motivated you to take action into something new for you.
    I am very impressed with the data that you have found connected to Fortune Global 100 companies in YouTube. This shows the impact that social media is having and, in my opinion, this is just the beginning as more and more companies begin to understand and use effectively these tools.
    Thank you very much for sharing this episode of “The Great Books Series” with your audience and thank you for providing such remarkable advice throughout the blog. I am a big fan.
    All the best!

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