“If I wanted to sell something I would have gone into sales or marketing!”

Technical professionals chose college majors that are highly analytical and shied away from more customer-facing fields such as business or marketing oftentimes because they never wanted to sell anything.  In life, being perverse, these professionals are then confronted with their greatest fear as they approach their peak earning years.  They are told by firm leaders that they must sell to advance to the ranks of Partner.  The thought of selling gives many seasoned professionals significant angst.  This angst is a result of their association with sales being opportunistic, pushy and deceptive.  Reframing this association with selling to be more synonymous with helping is the first step towards building acceptance of the tasks required to be effective at business development.  The earlier in a professionals development that you can reframe a negative sales perception, the sooner the professional will begin exhibiting effective business development behaviors.  In the next two blog posts we will share some ways to do this but also wanted to solicit our readers to share their experiences with this too.

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2 Responses to ““If I wanted to sell something I would have gone into sales or marketing!””

  1. Russell Campbell Says:

    A couple of suggestions: As you say, try to reframe the word sales into helping. The professional could be sharing their gifts of expertise and experience with more people who also need help. Secondly, if you have clients, you are likely providing at least adequate service (!), and therefore most of your clients are highly likely to provide you with referrals if you ask.

  2. Mimi Spangler Says:

    Yes. I agree that happy clients are typically willing to provide you with referrals if you ask at the right time. Professionals are often shy to ask.

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