About Mimi Spangler and This Blog

Welcome to the Harding & Company blog.  It is designed for professionals who must both deliver their firm’s service and also sell those services, i.e. for seller/doers, for aspiring and actual rainmakers. These include many attorneys, architects, actuaries, engineers, executive recruiters, interior designers, management consultants, publicists and those who work with such professionals on marketing and selling. We hope it will:
  • Provide a regular reminder of the need to stay focused on business development, even though you are faced with pressing client work. Many of the professionals we have worked with have commented on the value of regular reinforcement.  This blog will provide it to those who want it in what we hope is a lively, short format.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information about rain making.  I hope that the blog helps you exchange ideas with other professionals who also must develop new business.
  • Help me stay in touch with people Harding & Company has worked with as clients and friends over the years.  All of us at Harding & Company would like to hear from you.
For those who don’t know me, here is some background on what brought me here:
I was hired in 1991 by Ford Harding, then Director of Marketing for The Hillier Group, a national design firm.  Working with Ford and the firm CEO, Bob Hillier, one of the industry gurus of business development and marketing, I learned how to sell to senior executives.  I excelled and became one of the few non-design professionals to join the leadership of my practice area.  We grew the size of our practice and I was instrumental in opening the firm’s office in New York City.  My role had grown to include staff development and coaching in business development.  After three years I decided to leave and start my own marketing consulting firm in 1995.
Soon I was approached by Ford Harding who had left to start his firm a year earlier, to join him as a partner with Harding & Company.  Helping others develop and succeed is extremely rewarding.  It is a pleasure to reflect on the wonderful and diverse individuals that we have met and strong client relationships that we have formed over the years.  We have been fortunate and appreciate our client’s support and belief that we can make a difference.
I reside outside of Philadelphia in the town of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania with my two children and husband.
You can reach me at mspangler@hardingco.com
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