Learning Sales Skills & Best Practices

You don't have to be extroverted to be a rainmaker but you do need to be disciplined.  Harding & Company's research with leading rainmakers worldwide reveals the myths and best practices to business development in professional services. 

The process of rainmaking is taught in actionable steps that resonate strongly with technical professionals.  Not only do participants complete the training programs feeling more comfortable, confident and effective in their business development efforts but measurable metrics and sustainable results illustrate the true success of Harding & Company's Rain Making Training Programs.


Executing Network Development, Lead Generation & Closing

As professionals advance to the ranks of leadership they are often ill-prepared to deliver on revenue generation expectations.  Sales typically doesn't feel comfortable or natural.  Becoming good at generating revenue therefore requires behavioral changes which take time and support. 

Harding & Company's leading differentiator is the firm's coaching staff.  Our firm has no sales trainers.  All of Harding & Company's training and coaching programs are facilitated by seasoned professionals with a proven reputation in selling professional services.  Their ability to help participants navigate decisionmaker networks, introductions, lead generation and project closing is unmatched in the industry.  



Creating a Sales Culture

For more than 20 years Harding & Company has helped professional service firms both large and small create stronger processes and cultures to support more effective business development.  

Skills training alone is oftentimes not enough to yield a sustainable revenue generation effort. Harding & Company helps firm leaders identify barriers to sales success and approaches to instill a stronger and sustainable sales culture.  Rainmaking is a process with actionable components.  We share proven methodologies and approaches to build acceptance of sales metrics and implement programs that support both company goals and staff enthusiasm.