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Harding & Company’s biggest differentiator is our team of coaches.  We do not have any sales trainers.  All of our coaches are seasoned professionals with a proven track record of exceptional, professional service sales to senior level executives. This experience allows Harding & Company’s team to immediately coach participants on ways to convert opportunities, expand accounts and develop deeper client relationships.  Our coaching support which is standard in Harding & Company's training, help promote real behavioral change which is key to lasting success for a professional.


Mimi Spangler

Mimi Spangler is President and a founding partner at Harding & Company. She has more than 30 years of experience selling professional services.  Most technical professionals chose their career based on their analytical strength and many never desired to sell anything.  In professional services though, to become a partner requires that a professional generate revenue.  Helping technical professionals navigate this transition is Mimi's strength.  She understands how to evaluate a market, identify opportunities and motivate individuals to build stronger relationships resulting in sales success.  

Gary Pines

Gary Pines is a seasoned rainmaking coach with extensive experience selling professional services.  Social interactions are not always easy for a technical professional.  Having been an actuary for much of his career, Gary is uniquely able to advise technical professionals on specific approaches that make business development situations more comfortable and productive.  He has taught himself and others to become amazing networkers.  A native of Chicago, Gary is a recognized leader in the Chicago business community.  

Gary describes use of social media

Scott Parker

Scott Parker is a seasoned professional and long time Harding & Company coach.  Effective sales cultures evolve from alignment of corporate strategy, reward systems, client relationship management systems, strong mentorship, staff training and marketing support.  Having worked as both a consultant and COO of a large strategy consulting firm, Scott uniquely understands how these important drivers must be reinforced for sales success.  He is able to look beyond the individuals to assess changes that firms may need to make to become more effective at revenue generation.

Scott on letting content drive business development success

Conrad J. Heilman, Jr. Ph.D.

Dr. Conrad J. Heilman provides strong expertise in consulting leadership and sustainable change management for new business development and account management growth. He has over 30 years of consulting experience, most recently serving as the CEO and member of the Board of Directors of a consulting firm from 2008 to 2016. His earlier roles included COO, Practice Leader and Senior Consultant. Conrad also served on the Board of Directors of the Association of Management Consulting firms.

With Harding & Company Conrad has successfully mentored teams of technical professionals in making their transition from project delivery to revenue generation. As a senior coach he has worked with consulting firms specialized in strategy, financial analysis, engineering, project management and public relations. Conrad’s approach and experience in business development resonates strongly with technical professionals as it focuses on building on current and past relationships gained through problem solving. His anecdotes shared from his experience working as a scientist and advancing to the boardroom are compelling and illustrate common paths technical professionals take to grow a practice and a professional service firm. Conrad’s understanding of the business development process and unique sales cycles in consulting provides him with the ability to help clients create realistic strategies for growth while also supporting them in achieving measurable results.

Conrad has specialized expertise in life science consulting. He is recognized as a leader in new account development, cultivating accounts such as American Cyanamid, Lederle Laboratories, the DuPont Company and the DuPont-Merck joint venture. He has also worked in small Biotech (Pro-Virus, Inc.) and the FDA Regulated Biosafety Testing Business (ViroMedLaboratories). His fields of expertise include pharmaceuticals, vaccines, diagnostics, and biotechnology. He has numerous publications in peer-reviewed research journals and holds a number of scientific patents.

Liz Richardson Photo.jpg

Liz Richardson

Liz Richardson joins Harding & Company as a Senior Coach to help European clients cultivate more effective Rainmakers. She brings 16 years of international consulting experience in empowering leaders and teams to initiate strategies and actions that drive growth. Liz helped many technical consultants successfully identify and implement approaches to business development that align with both their personal and professional goals. An American based in Munich for over a decade, Liz has traveled the globe working with consulting firm leaders and staff. She has served as a consultant, coach and trainer.

Liz’s experience as the Global Head of Leadership and Development for ten years for an international management consulting firm with 4,500 employees in 25 countries provides her with the expertise to help culturally diverse organizations develop strategies and programs that align training and coaching with top corporate goals. She is a strong advocate for measuring the effectiveness of the training delivered with return on investment metrics which ultimately drives greater accountability and sustainability within the organization. Fluent in German and French, in addition to her native English, her expertise is in leadership development, sales, communication and team building. Liz is also an experienced practitioner of the Insights Discovery personality profile.

Larry Helmke photo.jpg

Larry Helmke

Larry Helmke is a Senior Coach at Harding & Company. Larry began his career 35 years ago as an actuarial consultant and advanced to become the Practice Leader then Office Lead of a national consulting firm. Recognized for his strong marketing and business development success, Larry then moved to a national role in the firm to lead client development for the Western Region. Larry has successfully mentored many consultants over the years to help them make the transition from project delivery to revenue generation. His experience and understanding of the challenges that professionals face balancing time and project demands, in addition to the discomfort that many professionals experience related to sales, provides him with the ability to help participants set realistic expectations and to identify approaches that are sustainable in their careers.